Social Media Soloutions
Social media is now revolutionising the way we do business now and it's importance as a marketing tool should not be overlooked. Money spent targeting your customers and their online friends is a very efficient way of getting great results compared to traditional methods of advertising
Web Site Solutions
We have a multitude of skills pertaining to the hospitality industry. We can set up your business website and social media pages and fill them with feature rich content. We can advise on you current online status and weather it's time for a makeover for your website or social media address.
Get It Done Now!
As a business we pride ourselves in the fact that we are responsive, and get the job done. If you need a fresh new look with some high definition photographs or quality blogs matched with appropriate photos, we will have the necessary work completed in a rapid time frame to suit your business.
What can we do for you today?

A picture is worth a thousand words? So the saying goes: But does this relate to a good quality picture or just any picture? Well we at foodaustralia really only deal with the good quality ones which will enhance your website and social media pages. The web is full of facebook pages from businesses that are quite happy to upload poor quality shots of their food, that actually represent how a potential customer will view them and their dining experience. By using professionally taken shots of your food and menu items this portrays your business in the best light and will lead to a more positive way in which your potential new customers will view you.

Professional Photography Service
Now is the time to address your digital business assets. Are you presenting your business online with the best possible photos and descriptions of your menu and dishes. Have you changed your menu lately, or just rotated some new for old dishes. By bringing your online presence up to date with the highest quality pictures and accurate descriptions, your business will benefit.
Tailored Solutions
We can offer tailored business solutions for your business. From professional photography though to web site design and social media applications we can help grow your business in the digital age. Websites need to be kept fresh and up to date, as do social media sites. Your potential customers are now very savvy in researching out new business, so be prepared to give them what they want online so this will translate into sales.
Location Shooting
We offer location shooting to maximise the amount of shots in any particular session. We shoot on your timetable and in your kitchen or restaurant and don't need any special equipment or setup other than the equipment we take with us. We shoot with the latest professional camera's, lenses and equipment available on the market today. The nikon D800 is our camera of choice.
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